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Comprehensive Health Techniques

Emotional Regulation

90 MINUTES - $185

Comprehensive Energy Health Sessions

Comprehensive Energy Health Techniques are customized Meridian Therapy Treatments that focus on a goal that has been set by the client.  WIth this in mind, the practitioner and the client create a series of tapping points to address the specific issue.  We evaluate before and after the tapping session so see if the energy block has been removed and if the sensitivity to the subject has been decreased.

During a Comprehensive Health Session, the client is guided to hold the acu-points themselves while being gently encouraged to breathe and relax.  Self-care sessions can provide useful tools for at-home use and are easily combined with guided meditations.

The end of the session is completed with some gentle acupressure and massage by the practitioner while the client relaxes into a renewed state of balance and equilibrium.

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Love From Clients


“Kathleen has a depth of experience and skills that she uses to create a safe and nurturing space that allows for the healing process to occur. Using the variety of techniques to balance energies in the body, depending on what is needed during a session it can either be a weekly tune-up or a deeper dive into blocks that are ready to be resolved. I leave feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed. ”
- DP, Westminster
“Kathleen is truly a gifted healer. Her innate wisdom, empathic intuition and extensive training in multiple disciplines have helped me clear so much baggage and be more my real self. She is such a blessing!”
Josie, Boulder
“Kathleen’s work has not only helped me attain and develop tools I use to maintain a close relationship to the light but also an awareness of who I am and what I want to cultivate with other people around me. Her skills as a mentor and guide have helped me grow in all aspects of my spirit, emotional and physical bodies.”
“Kathleen has been such a place of grace in my life since we met...the tools she has provided, the generosity, the wisdom, and the magic she has infused into my life has really been the catalyst for keeping the hope, remembering that I am worthy of this light, and helping me to can I just say thank you!”